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Meet Phil

I’ve lived in University Heights for 30 years. I am a builder and designer. I’ve watched growth and change in University Heights and how things have been run. I have extensive background in government, and it bothers me that the city is not being run with decency. Our current administration really isn't solving any problems.



  • B.A. SUNY Binghamton, NY
  • Master Degree Urban and Regional Planning, University of Oregon  
  • Architecture School at University of Buffalo
  • Master’s Thesis , “Using Citizen Involvement to Solve City Problems”

Professional Experience

  • Served as a consultant to communities in Western New York
  • Served as Transportation Planner for the city of Eugene, Oregon  
  • Served on multiple communities' Regional Planning Boards in Western New York
  • Senior Planner, Erie and Niagara Regional Planning Board, Amherst NY
  • Director of Urban Design Services, Krehbiel Associates, Tonawanda NY 
  • Designed and built  in-fill housing in the Allentown Historic District, Buffalo NY
  • Designed and built in-fill housing as part of the Cottage Street Historic Restoration Project, Buffalo NY
  • Designed and built condominiums and houses in Cleveland Heights and Ohio City respectively  
  • Designed and built the Waxman Chabad Center, Green Road, Beachwood OH
  • Designed and built Belshire Condominiums on Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights

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